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      camp of the 200th Indiana Volunteer Infantry."You mean it was against orders several hours ago. I can't see nothin' on that hill over there. I've been watchin' for half an hour. There's nothin' movin'. Mebbe the orders has been changed, an' you haint heard about it," persisted Si. "Mebbe the Orderly that was bringing 'em 's stuck in the mud. Mebbe the rain's soaked 'em so's they can't be read. If anybody's got any dry matches I'm goin' to chance28 it."

      "Thar's water down in the crick, thar," she said, with a motion of her knitting in that direction. "It's as fur for me as it is for you. Go down thar and drink all you like. Lucky you can't carry the crick away with yo'uns. Yo'uns 'd steal it if yo'uns could."

      "I'd just got done when an officer come down from Headquarters for it. He looked it over unt said:

      "I could," said Maria, in her superior way. "I'd said somethin' like this:

      Worse was in store for her. Her father said:


      He had not sold more than a gallon or two, and he was amazed when the liquid ceased to respond. Then he resolved himself into an investigating committee, and after a protracted search he discovered the trick that had been played on him.


      The Deacon joined them in the road, and gave a searching glance at the prisoner."Shorty," said Si earnestly, "promise me solemnly that you'll never bet at chuck-a-luck agin as long as you live."


      "Well, you are green. You oughter know by this time that there are only enough hams for the officers."