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      Reuben still dreamed of that Fair-place, and occasionally schemed as well; but everything short of the death of the Squireand his sonseemed useless. However, he now had the rest of Boarzell in such a state of cultivation that he sometimes found it possible to forget the land that was still unconquered. That year he bought a hay-elevator and a steam-reaper. The latter was the first in the neighbourhoodnever very go-ahead in agricultural mattersand quite a crowd collected when it started work in the Glotten Hide, to watch it mow down the grain, gather it into bundles, and crown the miracle by tying these just as neatly as, and much more quickly than, a man.

      He turned to the Doctor and asked what was the use of the post, and how it was operated.BOOK II. CHAPTER I.

      Notwithstanding the recent flush of pleasure which warmed the heart of the yeoman, his resolution appeared again to forsake himhe endeavoured to speak, but in vainhe appeared to be overwhelmed by a variety of contending emotions; but the stern voice of De Boteler aroused him, and in a choked voice, he pronounced after Calverley the fealty of a bondman, holding his right hand over the book:


      I think Mr Keeling had much better not bother about a cab for me, she said. I can perfectly well walk home.{140}

      I fancy Lord Inverbroom does, he replied, secretly praising himself for his remarkable ingenuity.

      "Stephen!" said the galleyman, from below."My lord, whatever charges Sir Robert Knowles may have against me, I am ready to meet them."


      "And, think you, I shall endure rejection without an effort?"


      "Calverley done all this!" said the baron in a tone of incredulity; but then, as the steward's persevering hostility to Holgrave flashed across his mind, it seemed to bring conviction.Clerical work, including shorthand and typewriting.


      A low, stone passage conducted them into a spacious wainscotted room well lighted, and so full of company that it was not possible, at a glance, to guess at their number; and here, at the head of a long, narrow table, was Black Jack standing erect on the seat which he should have occupied in a different manner, and, with his eyes dancing, and his nose and cheeks glowing, haranguing the crowd in style of familiar eloquence.