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      "Speak lower, you scamp! lest the old portraits under your feet should hear you and blush."

      Daprs ce plan que deviendront

      As she drove with a friend down to Romainville to stay with the Comte de Sgur, she noticed that the peasants they met in the roads did not take off their hats to them, but looked at them insolently, and sometimes shook their sticks threateningly at them.

      Constantinople! never. It is the empire of the world.

      "So it would seem. The door is locked, and I rapped and rattled loud enough to wake the dead."




      [451]But the woods, the meadows, the Seine, and the general beauty of the landscape delighted Mme. Le Brun, who, after all her wanderings, began to have a longing for rest, became more and more attached to her home as the years passed, and spent more and more of her time there.