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      "The last wager and the last card," she smilingly remarked to her kinswoman, "they sometimes win out," and as the smile passed added, "I wish I had that bread-knife.""Ah? how is that I'm feeling?"

      "Is there any reason under heaven why Anna Callender shouldn't go to bed and have glad dreams?"

      But Lady Ada laid the blame on Esmeralda, and as she looked up at Trafford, with the love-light in her eyes, her heart burned with hate of the woman who had come between them. At that moment there was nothing she would not have done to wreck Esmeraldas happiness, to separate husband and wife. She did not know how widely they were already separated.

      And leave Varley? she said. No; I must be there to give myself up. Oh, dont talk, dont argue! He may be riding to his death at this very moment! Come, I know the way; and in a frenzy of love and terror she struck her tired horse into a gallop.

      Varley smiled.


      15 Lyrcus was approaching uninjured at the head of his men.