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      The extreme agitation of Wells, although it surprised Holgrave, by no means displeased him;be sympathy ever so extravagant, still, generally speaking, it is gratifying; and Holgrave, at that moment, would have laid down his life in defence of the man who could feel so keenly.Naomi's illness dragged. Sometimes Reuben suspected her of malingering, she so obviously did not want to get well. He guessed her reasons, and took an opportunity to tell her of the doctor's verdict. The struggle was in abeyanceat least her share of it. Naturewhich was really what he was fighting in Boarzellhad gained a temporary advantage, and his outposts had been forced to retire.

      "You wouldn't tell himyou wouldn't be such a sneak. After all, what's a man for, if it isn't to have a bit of fun with? I don't mean anything seriousit's just a joke."She managed to persuade him to go his different waythough the actual moment of their parting was always a blur in her memory. Afterwards she could not remember if they had kissed, touched hands, or parted without a word. Her throat was still full of sobs when she came to Odiam; she was panting, too, for she had run all the wayshe did not know why.

      "Vale!"She wished, with all the wormwood that lies in useless regrets, that she had never married. Then, paradoxically, she would not have been so utterly alone. She would have had at least the help of sweet memories undefiled. She could have taken refuge in them from her sorrow, built them perhaps at last into hope. Now she had to thrust them from her, for they were one and all soiled by her unfaithfulness.

      A thousand spears, and as many shafts, prepared to avenge his fall, and an instant more of indecision, and Richard would have been spared the humiliation of after years; but a bold inspiration at this critical moment, hurried him fearlessly forward into the midst of the commons.

      "Of course it's a dreamf?ather ?un't dead, and I ?un't blind, and Ben's picking nuts over at Puddingcake."

      "From your loving


      For the next few months Odiam was in a transitional state. It was gradually being divested of its old comfortable ways, and clad in new garments of endeavour. Gradually the life grew harder, and gradually the tense thought, the knife-edged ambition at the back of all the changes, came forward and asserted themselves openly.



      "How did they do it?""I should hardly think so, my lord. She isher temper is very gentleHolgrave is passionate, and rude, and"