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      "Three cheers and a tiger for Old Rosey," yelled Shorty as soon as he could get his scattered wits together enough to say a word.Si was thrown completely off his guard. Dropping the butt of his gun carelessly to the ground he replied cheerily, "Good evening, Cap'n," touching his hat by way of salute. Then he took the proffered hand, pleased at the Captain's mark of kindly recognition. He didn't understand the scheme then. "How are you getting on, Mr. Klegg?" "First rate!" said Si, with the air of one conscious that he had done his duty well. "I capchered a forager a little bit ago and took him to headquarters!"

      "You spoke to me like a dog!" he burst out. "Down Fido!""O, he be darned," said Shorty scornfully. "I could git away from him if I wasn't 10 years old."

      The Judge shook his head frowning. "Scarcely conclusive! Scarcely conclusive!"

      "Where did you get it?" she demanded."Pray God, don't kill me, massa," begged the negro. "I hain't done nuffin' to be killed foh."

      With a painful struggle for self-command he took still another tone. "Well, that's all right. I'll say no more about him.... But give me a pledge!"


      On many a well-worn field



      "WHO IS YER'S REST."